Mr. PR Bousfield – Headteacher


As Headteacher of Dean Trust Wigan I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

We are very proud to open Dean Trust Wigan, which is a school that aims to deliver excellent education to all local pupils. Dean Trust Wigan is founded on traditional values of respect and hard work. We expect the best of all our pupils and believe that they can all achieve high academic standards. It is from the relentless pursuit of these beliefs that pupils will be successful.

Dean Trust Wigan has outstanding learning facilities which support all pupils in developing knowledge and skills. There is an ethos of care for everyone, which allows pupils to feel secure and valued.

We are all proud of what our pupils achieve in all aspects of their lives, and I am confident that as you read the information on this website and visit us on Facebook, that you will agree all pupils can fulfil their potential in this positive and stimulating environment.

Mr. PR Bousfield – Headteacher

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