Attendance and Punctuality

Dean Trust Wigan are proud of the high standards of attendance and punctuality achieved. These statistics are an indication of the high levels of co-operation which exist between school and home, as well as the positive response of students to their educational opportunities provided by the school.

We believe that:

• Regular attendance promotes the effective and continuous learning of all pupils;

• Regular attendance promotes positive friendships and well-being;

• Good habits of attendance and punctuality will assist to develop self-discipline and responsibility in preparation for future employment.

High attendance results in high achievement.

Students should aim to attend school every day on time except where illness makes it impossible. Parents/carers must telephone school on the first day of absence to provide a reason.

Our school employs a team of professionals who, in partnership with Startwell and the authority’s Attendance Enforcement Team, will follow up all absences.


Our pupils aim for a minimum of at least  97% attendance.

There are rewards for 100% attendance.

If your child in unable to attend school for any reason you should telephone Mrs Unsworth on 01942 776190 to inform her of the reason. You are able to record this on answer phone. If a pupil is absent and we haven’t received an explanation this will trigger an automated truancy call.

The Attendance Team monitor attendance closely and will contact parents if there are concerns with a pupils’ attendance. If these cannot be rectified we will contact the local School Attendance Enforcement Team for support.


Pupils who arrive after 8.30am in the morning will be marked late. Any pupil who is late in the morning or to any lesson in the day will be kept behind at the end of the day for 10 minutes. Pupils who are late persistently will be interviewed by the Head of  Hall to try to find solutions to the problem.

Holidays During Term Time

Amendments have been made to the 2006 regulations in the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013. From 1st September 2013 this prevents Headteachers from authorising holidays/absence during term time. Leave of absence from school should only be in exceptional circumstances.

Medical Appointments

If possible all appointments should be arranged out of school hours to ensure minimum disruption to your child’s education. When appointments have to be made in school hours a note asking for release must be sent to the Form Tutor.

Application for Leave of Absence

Please note that there is no automatic right for a pupil’s leave of absence. The school will consider a request for leave of absence in relation to the exceptional circumstances of the application together with the pupil’s attendance and educational attainment.

Please click here to download the Application for Leave of Absence form.