The Purpose of Homework

  • To encourage pupils to develop the skills needed for independent learning.
  • To consolidate, reinforce & extend the skills, knowledge and understanding from class.
  • To enable pupils to develop essential time management and organisational skills.
  • Dean Trust Wigan recognises that homework is crucial and is directly linked to the academic development of the pupils.

AGA Homework Policy

  • Homework is to be set by the class teacher with frequency in line with Academy policy outlined for each Key Stage below.
  • Homework should offer challenge appropriate to the age and stage of pupils.
  • Homework should consolidate learning, deepen understanding or prepare pupils well for work to come.
  • Extra ‘At Home Learning’ may be provided in order for pupils to fill gaps in learning, consolidate learning or to challenge and extend learning.
  • Teachers should ensure that homework is to be written in the planner by pupils at a designated point in the lesson.
  • Homework, in the main, is to be completed and marked in exercise books.
  • Academy sanctions should be followed for non-completion of homework.

Homework Process

Weekly homework is handed in to the teacher on the given due date.
At the end of the next lesson/marking cycle, pupils’ names appear on the board, and they are RAG rated.

  • Students in green completed the homework to the required standard.
  • Students in amber attempted, but need support or did not complete to required standard.
  • Students in red did not complete.

Amber and red students are invited to homework club to complete.
Homework Club will be morning 8.00am till 8.30am, and after school 2.45pm till 4.15pm, Monday to Thursday. Fridays Homework Club will be 2.45pm till 4.00pm.
Miss Mosely will be on duty plus 2 HLTAs and Y11 mentors.
Pupils will earn engagement points for regular homework completion.

Key Stage 3

Maths will be set for a total of 60 minutes per week including a variety of My Maths, exam questions and problem solving tasks.

English will be set once a week for 30 minutes and there will be two 30 minute reading sessions.

Science will be 40 minutes a week across the three Sciences.

Humanities and MFL will be set once a week for 20 minutes.

Art, Technology, RS, ICT and Performing Arts will be set once every two weeks for 20 minutes.

Wider Reading – The importance of personal and independent reading is essential in developing the
literacy skills of our pupils. Where reading is timetabled pupils should do 30 minutes reading from a book of their choice from home or the school library. Parents should then sign the reading record in
the pupil’s planner.

Key Stage 4

Maths will be set for a total of 90 minutes per week including a variety of My Maths, exam questions and problem solving tasks.
English will be set twice a week for 30 minutes and there will be at least one 30 minute reading session.
Science will be 60 minutes a week across the three Sciences.
All GCSE options will set 30 minutes homework a week.

How to help your son/daughter with their homework:

The role of the parent/carer is crucial if a child is to gain success from homework. Parents/carers should reinforce its value through positive feedback, this will give students the confidence to persevere, work hard and reach high standards of achievement.

What else helps?

  • Providing a table, chair and a quiet place to work.
  • Discussing with your son/daughter when homework is to be done, as a student’s leisure time is important too.
  • Checking the time spent on individual tasks.
  • Checking the presentation and content of all homework being returned to the Academy.
  • Checking the Student Planner each week.
  • Providing the Academy with information about any problems through the Student Planner, or by contacting the Academy directly on 01942 511987.