Engagement Centre

The Dean Trust Wigan Engagement Centre was created to offer a small, increasingly personalised learning environment. It offers increased support for students requiring higher levels of pastoral care than would be available in the main Academy.

The Centre is based at Central Park, Montrose Avenue. The full time team comprises of the Centre manager, Miss Noon and Pastoral Managers, Mrs Haselden and Mr Benjafield.

A teacher from the Targeted Education Support System (TESS) and the school counsellor are both on site regularly. The local Gateway Service are also based at the Central Park site offering additional support where required.

Lessons at the centre are taught by staff from the main Academy. A member of the Core Leadership Team teaches there every day.

At the Centre, in addition to the academic curriculum, there is an emphasis on developing social skills, improving confidence and self esteem, building resilience and preparing the students for life post 16.
There is an emphasis on positive rewards at the centre with ‘Fabulous Fridays’ the highlight of the week. ‘Fabulous Fridays’ offer alternative activities for those students who have earned the right to participate.