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Exceptional Scholar Success : April 2018 #TeamDTW


At the start of this year a group of 12 students were selected to take part in the Scholars Programme. The Scholars Programme provides some of the most academic students with an insight into what studying at University is really like by teaching them a mini University module and then assessing them on it to see how much knowledge they have retained. A PhD tutor from the University of Manchester was assigned to our group of DTW Scholars to teach them the higher level content and skills needed, such as referencing, to ensure they received the best results possible. Over the last 7 weeks, the group of Scholars that is made up of 4 year 9 students and 8 year 10 students, worked exceptionally hard on their final assignment pieces – including staying at School until 6pm two nights on the run to make final adjustments!

The assignments were submitted to the tutor just before Easter so that they could be assessed. The tutor used the same assessment and grading system that is used for all Undergraduates who currently study at University. The grading system in University is       as follows: 1:1 (highest pass), 2:1, 2:2, 3rd. (lowest pass) We are very pleased to announce that the Scholars received some fantastic results! We had a mix of scores ranging from 1:1s through to 3rd.  A special mention must go to Katie D (Y10), Bethany M and Louise S (Y9) who all achieved firsts (1:1). This is the highest grade that Universities award!! An outstanding achievement girls, well done!

Miss Speakman would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all the Scholars who took part in the programme and say a special thanks to the parents/carers for supporting them through it. A graduation ceremony will be held at The University of Manchester where the Scholars will receive a formal address from the Scholars Programme congratulating them on their achievement and a certificate of graduation!


Trip to Brussels  🇧🇪#TeamDTW

Business Studies

DTW on Tour! We are delighted to share news of an exciting opportunity for pupils in years 9 and 10 to travel to Brussels next February half term. The trip with a focus on ‘Business’ will allow pupils to see business in action, in a different country and in the de facto capital of the European Union which influences trade across Europe. A letter with more detailed information is available to download here.


20th March 2018 : Scholars Final Submission 👩‍🏫✍️📔 #TeamDTW


Over the past few weeks our group of Scholars have been working extremely hard on a mini University Maths Module that has been delivered to them by a PhD tutor from Manchester University. The time has now come for them to hand in their final assignment. To ensure their final assignments were the best they could be, Miss Speakman invited the Scholars group back after school on a couple of evenings so that they could check over their outstanding pieces of work. Some of the assignments were over 10 pages long and took over 8 hours to complete! The dedication show from all the Scholars was a delight to see. All that remains now is for the tutor to assess the assignments and grade them according to University standards. It will take between 3-4 weeks for the assignments to be marked and verified by the Tutor.​ Good Luck Scholars!


16th March 2018 : WINNERS Key Stage 3 Dance Festival 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 #TeamDTW


Huge congratulations to Anya, Selena, Ellie, Mollie, Bethany and Elizabeth. These Year 9 girls represented Dean Trust Wigan at the KS3 Dance Festival at Wigan Youth Zone this afternoon. Their fantastic performance really impressed the judges and we’re delighted to share that the girls were crowned the Dance Festival WINNERS! Well done girls, your hard work and commitment to dance has certainly paid off!