Why is literacy important?

At Dean Trust Wigan we believe that language is crucial to the development of thought. Through language, you as learners will explore your world and your views of it. Speaking and listening, reading and writing are therefore inseparable, interdependent and of equal importance. At Dean Trust Wigan literacy is taught as an integral part of the whole school curriculum and holds a key position as such.

Subject Literacy

Literacy is in every subject and each subject has its own literacy demands; with subject specific vocabulary, content, concepts and skills. Every subject emphasises different ways of using language, but recognises that the teaching of literacy skills is the responsibility of all staff.

You will be taught in all subjects to express yourselves accurately and with understanding:

Writing – you should be taught to use correct spelling, punctuation and follow grammatical conventions and how to organise your writing in a logical and coherent forms.
Speaking – you should be taught to use language precisely and clearly.
Listening – you should be taught to listen to others, and respond and build on their views constructively.
Reading – you should be taught strategies to help you read with understanding, to locate and use information, to follow a process or argument and summarise, and to synthesise and adapt what you have learnt from your reading.

How will I be assessed in Literacy?

In Year 7 all students are baseline assessed for literacy, you will be set targets and monitored to ensure progress. In Key Stage 3 all students undertake reading assessments each term.

In Key Stage 4 you will be assessed by:

Topic – What is the article about?
Audience – Who is it for?
Purpose – Why has it been written.
Language – How have the words been used to get the point across?