Standards and Rewards

Students are greeted each morning by senior staff. Full uniform, including plain black footwear and a school bag, are required prior to entry into the Academy. Alternatives to the published uniform are not permitted and the students will be able to borrow the correct uniform until it can be rectified. Piercings, acrylic nails and nail polish are not permitted. (Please see the uniform page for detailed information).

Mobile phones

Mobile phones and other MP3 devices are permitted at break and lunchtimes only. If a student is seen with a mobile phone during lessons it will be confiscated.
Energy drinks

These types of drinks are not permitted at the Academy. Anyone with an energy drink will have it confiscated and it will be thrown away.


Smoking including the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted on the Academy site.


Any student arriving to the Academy after the 8.30am bell will be regarded as late. Any students arriving after 9.00am will be classed as having an ‘unauthorised absence’. Ten ‘unauthorised absences’ will result in a penalty notice being issued.


Students who choose not to adhere to Academy standards will receive sanctions which include detentions, time in our ICE (I Can Engage) room. In extreme circumstances we may issue fixed term exclusions.

The 5 Golden Rules

1. Try my best to learn

2. Arrive to lessons on time and be ready to learn

3. Bring to the lesson all I need to help me learn

4. Speak politely to all members of the Academy community

5. Behave towards others as you would like them to behave towards you


Academy Excellence Awards

• Learning tutors award points each week for students with perfect attendance, punctuality,
uniform and equipment. They also recieve a point if they don’t recieve any C3s.

• Each student that earns enough points is invited on a rewards trip in December and July.

• Each lesson the teacher selects a student to receive a reward card. These can be given for outstanding work, effort or manners etc.

• Each week the students put their cards into a draw where they have the chance to win two cinema tickets in assembly.

• Each week learning tutors select a student in their form to receive a praise postcard. These will be
posted home.

• Letters will be sent home after each review point to every child who achieves excellent grades in the attitude to learning section of the review.

• Letters will also be sent to students who have shown significant improvement in attitude to learning.