Student Zone

Here in the student zone you can access information and help.

Below is some useful information about school life.

The School Day

You should make sure you arrive on time for school. Please arrive for school no later than 8.20am.

The first bell will ring at 8.25am this signals that you should make your way to your form room.

If you are not in form when the second bell goes at 8.30am you will be classed as being late.

If you are late :

Pupils arriving between 8.30am and 9.00am should report to the attendance office through the lower ground entrance.

Pupils arriving after 9.00 am should report to reception.

Any pupil who is late in the morning or to any lesson in the day will be kept behind at the end of the day for 10 minutes. Pupils who are late persistently will be interviewed by the Head of  Hall to try to find solutions to the problem.

If you are absent:

Your parent or carer must contact the attendance officer by phone before 9.00am that day stating the reason for your absence. Telephone: 01942 776190

You should bring a note from your parent/carer explaining your absence when you return.

Pupils with attendance of 90% or less will have to provide medical evidence to support absences before they will be authorised.



High attendance results in high achievement.

Students should aim to attend school every day on time except where illness makes it impossible. Parents/carers must telephone school on the first day of absence to provide a reason.

Our school employs a team of professionals who, in partnership with Startwell and the authority’s Attendance Enforcement Team, will follow up all absences.

Our pupils aim for a minimum of at least  97% attendance. There are rewards for 100% attendance.

If you are unable to attend school for any reason your parent/carer should telephone Mrs Unsworth on 01942 776190 to inform her of the reason. If you are absent and we haven’t received an explanation from your parent/carer this will trigger an automated truancy call.

The Attendance Team monitor attendance closely and will contact parents if there are concerns with a pupils’ attendance. If these cannot be rectified we will contact the local School Attendance Enforcement Team for support.

Student Help

If you need help or support with any problems whilst at school, here are the key people who are available for you to talk to:

Learning Tutor.
Head of Year.
Head of Hall.
Inclusion Manager.
Deputy Headteacher
Click here to download School Support and Guidance System

You will always be listened to and supported!

Anything that you talk about will be treated with respect and not passed onto others UNLESS you are in danger of harm and need protection. We will always discuss with you any action we propose to take to help you.

The SHARP system

The school now has a help and reporting system in place called ‘The SHARP System’

The SHARP system is an online reporting portal. It is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen suffering.

If you have any problems at school, at home, with your family or friends or in the local community, you can make a report which will be dealt within an appropriate time scale. This Sharp system page is only monitored during school hours

If you feel that you can help to keep our school a safe, friendly and fun place to be, you can get in touch using the link below.