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School attendance matters.

It is arguably one of the most important indicators of school success. You cannot learn when you are not there to learn. Pupils who attend school regularly significantly improve their chances of being academically successful. In most cases, strong attendance correlates with academic success and graduation on to the courses of choice at college, and poor attendance correlates with academic struggles, with stories of a lower quality of life as they grow up.

Chronic absenteeism (absent from school 10% of the time or more) will lead to frustration for the pupil and ultimately disengagement. The more they miss, the more difficult it becomes to catch up. Poor attendance creates significant learning gaps. Even if pupils complete the catch-up work, they most likely will not learn and retain the information as well as if they had been there.

The habits we instill in pupils as a partnership between parents and school last a lifetime.

The Dean Trust have put together a great video clip to share the power of attendance.

Make Every Day Count!

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