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Friday 25th February 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,

You will be aware that this week the DfE guidance for managing Covid in schools has changed. I am writing to explain the protocols that will exist for the rest of this half term from Monday 28th February.

We expect that there will be  further change on 1st April and will inform you of any further changes that you need to be aware of as we return after the Easter break.

The good news is that many of the Covid precautions in Schools have now been relaxed. Attendance at school is mandatory. I am aware that for some this will be a worrying time and we have asked that if any pupils who are vulnerable to let us know, so that we can assist your child in being as confident and comfortable in school as we can.

Lateral Flow Tests
There is no longer any need to test regularly. I suggest you keep any remaining stock you have at home safe in case you need it if you have symptoms (see below), but no further kits will be issued by School.

Covid Masks
There is no longer any requirement to wear Covid face masks in any part of school or on public transport. If your child wishes to continue to wear a face mask in crowded spaces then that is perfectly acceptable but it is not required at all. We will no longer issue masks in school.

School Events
All school events will run and we will no longer limit attendance. For key events we may continue to offer live stream, as we know that many parents and relatives have enjoyed this.

In School
Full assemblies will continue and within classrooms colleagues will be asked to be more proactive with managing ventilation. Rather than having windows and doors open all the time we will more often have either one or the other closed. This should allow the temperature to be more satisfactory.

We will relax rules around visitors to school and you will not be required to present a LFT on arrival.

Being careful if you are ill
All of this should allow us to remain healthy in School but it is essential that you remain vigilant and act immediately if you feel your child has Covid. If in doubt ring the absence lines and we will advise.
The main symptoms of COVID-19 are a recent onset of any of the following:
·         a new continuous cough
·         a high temperature (above 37.8C)
·         a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)
If your child has any of these symptoms you should order a PCR test. They should stay at home while you are waiting for the test result.
If you have some left you may wish to use a LFD to check if the symptoms are not clear cut, but this should not replace going for a PCR test if they are feeling ill.
If the PCR is positive they should not attend school. They should take a LFD from 5 days after the symptoms started followed by another one the next day. If both these tests results are negative, they should return to school, as long as they feel well enough to do so and do not have a temperature. We reserve the right to send a pupil home or refuse entry if we have reasonable evidence that a pupil has Covid and may pose a risk to other pupils or staff.

Close contacts do not have to self-isolate so your child would come to School normally if someone they live with tests positive.

Emergency measures: if the number of positive cases substantially increases in school, if our school is in an enhanced response area, we might be advised that additional measures should be introduced. If this occurs we will contact and advise accordingly.

The guidance continues to advise full vaccination for those from 12 to 18, whilst noting this is a matter of personal choice.

We are looking forward to seeing all pupils on Monday morning.

James Haseldine

Executive Headteacher

The Dean Trust Coronavirus Schools Risk Assessement


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