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At Dean Trust Wigan we are very proud of the additional opportunities we provide for our pupils.

We view school trips and educational visits as powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of our pupils. School trips provide unique opportunities for kinaesthetic learning i.e. ‘learning by doing’ and encourage pupils to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways.

Learning outside the classroom is rewarding and enriching for both teachers and pupils alike. Discovering new places such as churches, museums, galleries and law courts undoubtedly adds extra depth to the pupils’ learning and experience.

Here are some examples of the school trips and educational visits we offer :

  • We provide a wide range of both lunchtime and after school clubs for pupils in all year groups and across all areas of the curriculum.
  • As a partner school, we work closely with Manchester United Foundation who provide activities, trips and visits which open pupils’ eyes to career opportunities and motivate pupils to succeed.
  • We organise day trips to places of interest which support the curriculum.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to go on a residential trips to learn various outdoor skills and develop resilience and personal responsibility.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in school.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to debate issues and join in school council events across the Trust
  • We are developing STEM participation and links with local industries
  • We participate in sports tournaments which include local schools and inter-trust matches.
  • Pupils at the school have also had a variety of opportunities to represent the school on trips abroad.
  • Rewards Trips – awarded to pupils for excellent attendance, behaviour, effort and school standards
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