Watersports Trip – Argeles de Sur

Thursday 18th July

Thursday 18th July – Thursday 25th July 2019

With the trip just over a week away Mrs McClurg wanted to send her top 10 last minute reminders/hint and tips to make the coach journey and trip comfortable and hassle free!

  • Bring a pillow and your hoody for on the coach – It gets chilly through the night!
  • Don’t forget your refillable water bottle – this can be filled for free at any cafe in the service stations.
  • Don’t forget you will need money for your lunch/tea on the journey out. 1 meal in GBP and the other in EUR – Put money in your handbag/rucksack – not your suitcase.
  • STRICTLY NO NUTS OR NUT BARS/CEREAL BARS ON THE COACH. We have pupils travelling with serious allergies, no peanut m&m’s etc.
  • I recommend that you bring 3 towels – may sound excessive but you will need one for showering in the cabin, 1 to get sandy on the beach and 1 to get wet around the pool.
  • Hand your passport and European health insurance card in to Mrs McClurg by the end of this week
  • NO ENERGY DRINKS to be consumed on the coach. You may drink fizzy pop/juice and water but energy drinks are not permitted and will be confiscated so please do not buy them.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times on the coach, even when sleeping, this is very strict in France and fines will be paid for by the pupils, not school. Pupils must also remain seated during the drive. The coach stops every few hours to stretch legs.
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES! – it is a long time on a hot coach, stiff/restrictive clothing will not be comfortable, joggers, leggings, loose shorts etc will be ideal.
  • Any medication must be brought onto the coach and passed to staff if necessary. Please do not leave these in your suitcase.

Please arrive on Thursday morning at 8am. Arrive through the lower ground entrance onto the new Performing Arts corridor where your luggage will be kept and you will spend time in the dance studio before we leave. You will not attend form. We will take your mark and then get onto our coach so that we don’t clash departure times with the Blackpool trip. Can parents be reminded to just drop pupils off and not wait as the car park will be very busy with 2 trips leaving and a number of coaches.

Punctual arrival is imperative. We have a ferry crossing to make so simply cannot wait and risk 40 pupils missing the crossing.


  • 5 nights accommodation in the Argeles de Sur in the South of France
  • Return coach journey
  • Ferry crossing
  • Full board meals (breakfast, lunch and evening meal whilst at the hotel)
  • Entrance to Waterpark
  • Opportunity to go to a man-made canyon, waterfalls and giant water slide!
  • Plus 3 full days of watersports down on the beach.
  • Watersports days include; kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, sailing, coasteering and snorkelling, all led by trained and qualified instructors.
  • An evening of pizza and bowling
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