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What an exhausting yet utterly wonderful and exciting week we have had in Performing Arts! The cast and crew for Elf have worked incredibly hard and produced a fabulous show which audiences have really loved. We really appreciate everyone who has come along to watch the show, your time and support means so much to us. It has been really lovely to welcome back so many past pupils who have also come along to support the show.

The production has been a year in the making. On the very last night of Aladdin last year, we announced to the cast that the 2018 production would be Elf the Musical. This was received with squeals of excitement and the enthusiasm for the show has kept on growing. The pupils involved in the cast and crew have been incredibly committed and have worked for months learning lines, perfecting dances, learning how to programme lights, making props etc. The whole production has really been driven by the pupils and for that, Mrs Taylor and Miss Backhouse are eternally grateful. There are also a whole host of staff who have contributed to making the show come to life.


All pupils (both on stage and behind the scenes) for a fantastic Christmas production.

Alisha Lawton – For giving up her own time to work with the cast during rehearsals.

Mr Jones – For organising the arrival of 400 primary children and refreshments for all!

Mr Henry – For organising the raffle.

Mrs Robinson and Mr Herron – For their support during the evening shows.

Mrs Szczyrba – For making the wonderful artwork, advertising and general helpfulness

Mr Szczyrba – For his technical assistance and ability to fix anything!

Mrs Strong – For meeting the demands for the endless costumes and props.

Miss Leitch – For her endless support and cups of tea!

Our fabulous site staff – For making the wonderful set and accommodating every request!

Mr Callaghan – For being a fantastic Santa Claus and keeping the cast motivated back stage

Mrs Fox – Giving up time outside of her own department working with the cast and looking after everybody backstage!

We really hope the production got you into the Christmas spirit! We hope you have a Sparklejollytwinklejingley time!

Mrs Taylor and Miss Backhouse

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