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Our Prefects are selected on the basis that they will be positive role models for the younger pupils. They are a highly visible presence within the school and are expected to perform many duties, such as lunchtime supervision. Prefects are selected for their personal qualities and skills such as respectability, communication and team working, and they play a large part in maintaining discipline around the school. In recognition of their status, prefects are entitled to wear a gold school tie. We also select a Head Boy and Head Girl, together with Deputies who are easily identified as they wear a different jumper.

Head Boy, Aaron – When I first arrived at this school in 2014 I would never have imagined that I would be the Head Boy of this school. However through the years as my confidence grew I began to believe that this would be the job for me. I started to become more committed and took up the role of Deputy Hall Captain of Churchill Hall where I started more jobs to help out the school and with the help of the staff and the support  of my friends, I managed to secure the Head Prefect position. I am proud and privileged to be part of the   pupil leadership team and I am proud to be associated with the school, which does not only challenge your commitment and dedication, but pushes you to become the greatest person you possibly can be.

Head Girl, Zelisha – Although my time at this school has been quite short, from the moment I stepped into these doors, I have made it my aspiration to become a big part of this school. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I have been given.  I am proud to be a part of not only this school, but also the leadership team we have. This school has definitely helped increase my confidence skills. The extra-curricular activities and the lunch time clubs are varied, therefore every pupil can be successful in many different areas, including performing arts, sports, academics and art. This school has helped me develop into the best person I can be and I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity of being not only a pupil at this school, but also the Head Girl.

Deputy Head Boy, Corey – I feel honoured to have been given the responsibility and position of Deputy Head Boy and the opportunity to act as a representative for the high academic standards here at Dean Trust Wigan.   Personally I feel as though the school has helped me flourish in it’s academic setting: high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art facilities and the support needed to develop as an individual. The school has given me the chance to discover hidden talents, for example, my love for modern foreign languages. The school ethos: ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed’ is truly at heart of each pupil  who attends Dean Trust Wigan. Overall, I vehemently believe that if you have chosen to attend, or are thinking of selecting ‘DTW’ as your secondary school, it will be life-changing, character-building and an experience you will never forget!

Deputy Head Girl, Ellie – When I started here five years ago I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed into the school. Since starting here I have always aspired to become a leader within the school. I started by offering to help with all the Open Days and Parents Evenings that I could. Then it progressed to me being asked to help out with things like the Year 6 Transition Day and being a Peer Mentor.  At this point I had already achieved my goal of being a leader and someone to look up to. Then I was given the opportunity to apply to be Head Girl, although I did not get the Head Girl role   I was offered Deputy Head Girl which I feel is just as good. The school have helped me so much to build up my confidence to apply for this. I feel Dean Trust Wigan is an amazing school and has helped me achieve all my goals I have set so far.

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