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Be Ready – Be Respectful – Be Safe

At Dean Trust Wigan, we have 3 rules –

Be Ready

  • Have full equipment every day
  • Be on time to every lesson
  • Wear the correct uniform
  • Work to the best of your ability

Be Respectful

  • Use manners at all times
  • Be kind
  • Respect the opinion of others even if it is different than your own
  • Treat people the way that you would like to be treated

Be Safe

  • Walk at all times in the school building
  • Behave calmly at social times
  • Walk on the left side of the corridor

Rewards at Dean Trust Wigan

Staff at Dean Trust Wigan recognise the hard work and exemplary behaviour of our pupils in a variety of ways. Rewards at Dean Trust Wigan take many forms. These include:

  • Verbal praise
  • Positive phone calls to parents
  • ‘Outstanding’ behaviour for progress grades that are reported to parents at each review point.

‘Star of the Week’

The ‘Stars of the Week’ are announced in assembly. Each week the Head of Year nominates two pupils to receive a prize for outstanding contributions to school life. The criteria for these awards include outstanding work in class, consistent and determined effort, contribution to extra -curricular activities and fir citizenship. Each ‘Star’ receives a pair of cinema tickets so that they can take a friend or parent/ carer with them to enjoy a film at the local cinema. Our Stars of the Week will also feature in the weekly newsletter.

Praise Postcards

Staff present a praise postcard each lesson to the pupil or pupils that they feel have deserved it the most. These postcards are given for a variety of reasons including quality of work, academic progress, resilience, teamwork or for excellent assessment results. The pupils take these cards home to show parents/ carers and then return them to their Head of Year to be entered into a prize draw each week in assembly.

Each half term we put all cards that have been received over the weeks into another draw for an even bigger prize.

Letters of commendation

Pupils receive ‘Behaviour for Progress’ grades at each review point. The pupils with the best grades will receive a letter of commendation from their Head of Year.




Pupils are greeted each morning by senior staff.  Full uniform, including plain black shoes and a school bag containing equipment, are required prior to entry into the school. Alternatives to the published uniform are not permitted, pupils will be able to borrow the correct uniform until it can be rectified. Piercings, acrylic nails and nail polish are not permitted.


You must come prepared for learning with a school bag, pencil case, black pen, green pen, pencil, ruler and eraser. Anyone who requires equipment must purchase it prior to the start of the school day. We have supplies available for purchase.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones and other devices are not permitted in school. If you are seen with a mobile phone anywhere in school it will be confiscated. If you need to contact home then you should find a senior member of staff and you will be allowed to use a phone in a designated place.

Energy drinks

Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not permitted at the school. Anyone with an energy drink will have it confiscated and it will be thrown away. Drink bottles larger than 500ml will not be permitted.


Any pupil arriving to form after the 8.30am bell will be regarded as late and will receive a lunchtime detention. Any pupils arriving after 9.00am will be classed as having an ‘unauthorised absence’. Ten ‘unauthorised absences’ will result in a penalty notice being issued.


Smoking including the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted on the school site.


Pupils who choose not to adhere to school standards will receive sanctions which include detentions, or time in our ICE (I Can Engage) room. In extreme circumstances we may issue fixed term exclusions.



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