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2021/22 Our Home school Agreement:  Responsibilities of the School, Pupils and Parents

Dean Trust Wigan commits:

  • To ensure your child is safe at all times.
  • To ensure your child is taught well every day.
  • To ensure your child has full access to the national curriculum and is taught according to our trust curriculum values of Global Citizenship, Powerful Knowledge, Healthy in Mind, Body and Soul, Ambition and Aspiration.
  • To have high expectations of your child to do well academically at school.
  • To provide a high-quality personal development and extra-curricular offer.
  • To reward students for their achievements, successes and great learning habits.
  • To ensure that lessons are not interrupted by any poor behaviour.
  • To ensure your child is treated fairly in line with the school’s behaviour policy.
  • To ensure that any bullying is prevented and if bullying occurs that such matters are dealt with swiftly and monitored for reoccurrence.
  • To report to parents on academic standards, behaviour and attendance.
  • To work in partnership with parents to ensure your child does as well as possible at school.
  • To ensure pupils who have medical or special education needs or disabilities are provided with their entitlement and high-quality support achieve highly.

By attending a Dean Trust School Pupils commit:

  • To be ready for learning (on time, full equipment, full uniform)
  • To be respectful to other pupils, staff and visitors and the school environment
  • To behave safely and never threaten, harm or bully other pupils or staff.
  • To be on task in lessons and this can be seen in my work
  • To act upon teacher feedback and make sure your work shows progress
  • To complete work with pride.
  • To cooperate with other pupils and staff and take an active part in school life.
  • To act as positive ambassadors for the school at all times including when off school premises.
  • Not to bring inappropriate or unlawful items to the school.

By enrolling a child at a Dean Trust School Parents/ Carers agree:

  • To send your child to school on time each day ready to learn, in correct uniform, with the correct equipment.
  • To support your child in completing their homework.
  • To inform the school on the first day of absence, if your child is too unwell, or there is a serious circumstance preventing your child from attending school.
  • Inform the school of any planned absence (holidays in term time are not permitted) in advance.
  • Encourage your child to take part in the extra-curricular opportunities offered.
  • That it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child behaves well in school, conforms to the expected and required standards of behaviour and uniform, and support school staff in exercising their duty.
  • Come to meetings to discuss the progress of your child and attend school to collect your child if they are too unwell to continue learning for the day or if they have been suspended from school.
  • Never to denigrate, abuse, threaten or harass the school, its reputation, pupils or staff on social media
  • Never to verbally or physically abuse, intimidate, threaten or harass pupils or staff.
  • To help ensure that their child follows reasonable instructions by school staff and adheres to school behaviour and uniform policy.
  • To follow the schools’ procedures and policies.
  • To keep us informed of any developments in your child’s life outside school that may affect their well-being, personal development or academic progress.
  • That if parents/ carers change their telephone number/address there is an expectation that they will inform the school.


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