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Exclusion from school

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We do not wish to exclude a pupil from school but in certain instances this may be absolutely necessary.
An exclusion from school, either fixed or permanent, is an extremely serious sanction and should be regarded as such by students, parents and teachers. The Headteacher (or designated Deputy Headteacher if the Headteacher is absent) is the only person who can sanction an exclusion.
It is not the case that exclusion is automatically triggered by specific events. However, certain actions increase the probability that an exclusion could take place depending on circumstances, context and the individual involved.

Actions that merit the consideration of a fixed term or permanent exclusion:

1. Bullying, violence, racial abuse, sexual harassment and threatening behaviour.
2. Unprovoked assaults.
3. Health and safety situations endangering self and/or others.
4. Fighting – persistent or a violent incident.
5. Repeated offences against the good order of the school. This may include repeated use of foul language to a member of staff; repeatedly refusing reasonable request from a member of staff; repeatedly walking defiantly away from members of staff; violence and/or threat to a member of staff.
6. Actions which, if they were to happen outside of school, would be against the law.
7. Drug related issues.
8. Serious disruptive behaviour prejudicial to the safety, welfare and teaching of children and others in the school.

Permanent Exclusion:

1. As a result of a very serious single act.
2. As a result of repeated fixed term exclusions, and only then after alternative avenues of
support and guidance have been exhausted, but with no positive effect.
3. When the school felt they have exhausted strategies to support and improve the
behaviour and have not achieved the desired effect.

An exclusion is used:

1. To highlight the seriousness of an action for the individual and to put down a ‘marker’ that as a school we find the action unacceptable.
2. For a period of reflection by the school with parents.
3. For a period of reflection by the individual with parents.
4. As an opportunity for investigation and consultation with outside agencies.
5. To allow a period of reflection whilst investigations and meetings with parents take place.

Period of Exclusion:

One day is normal in the first instance, but the severity of the incident needs to be considered. Further incidents may incur 2 days. 3 days etc. School will be responsible for making provisions for a student excluded for more than 5 days.

Parental Involvement:

All parents have a right to appeal against exclusion. Details of these procedures are included in every exclusion letter.

Parental Support:

Parents of fixed term excluded pupils are expected to visit school to meet with a named senior member of staff prior to the return of the child to school. This allows discussion and clarification with the parent and agreement on how the parent can support the future good behaviour of their child.


Records of all exclusions are kept and reported to the Governing Body at their meetings.

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