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What purpose should homework serve?

Create habits and promotes independence

  • Create habits
  • Develop independence
  • Routine/preparing for life
  • Develop good habits
  • Promote independence
  • Independent learning
  • Development of independent study skills


  • Recall
  • Retaining information
  • Consolidation of subject knowledge
  • Consolidation of learning
  • Revisiting skills/knowledge


  • Check progress of learning
  • Scrutiny of skill/knowledge
  • Development and progress
  • Assess understanding

Deepen Thinking

  • Extend learning
  • Further knowledge of pupils
  • Deepen knowledge- broaden the depth of knowledge beyond the curriculum

How should homework progress throughout Key Stage 3 and 4?

Year 7Year 8 Year 9/10/11
1. Setting standards and developing habits1. Consolidate / build on knowledge 1. Increasing independent study
2. Knowledge focused2. Increasing application of skill2. Increasing focus on exam demands

Year 7

  • Setting standards/routines
  • Engagement and retrieval
  • More focus on knowledge and understanding
  • Key Skills
  • Good habits
  • Up to 20 mins per piece

Year 8

  • Building on Year 7 and consolidation of subject knowledge
  • Knowledge development
  • Moves towards application of knowledge
  • Key Skills with increase volume
  • Systematic revision
  • Up to 20 – 30 mins per piece

Year 9/10/11

  • Exam Board
  • More independent/complex task
  • Exam style questions depending on subject area
  • Developing independent learning
  • Individual subjects
  • Systematic revision
  • Y9 30 – 40 mins per piece
  • Y10/11 Up to 40 mins per piece

All focussed on developing GCSE skills/knowledge and preparation.


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Exams Advanced Information

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