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DTW Pupil Leadership

September 2021 brings new opportunities for Pupil Leadership within the school across all year groups.

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Prefect Team

Our Prefects are selected on the basis that they will be positive role models for the younger pupils. They are a highly visible presence within the school and are expected to perform many duties, such as lunchtime supervision. Prefects are selected for their personal qualities and skills such as respectability, communication and team working, and they play a large part in maintaining discipline around the school. In recognition of their status, prefects are entitled to wear a gold school tie. We also select a Head Boy and Head Girl, together with Deputies who are easily identified as they wear a maroon jumper.

Head Boy, Kyle

Since the day I started at Dean Trust Wigan, it’s always been a massive ambition of mine to be the Head Boy. I remember on my first couple of days seeing the senior prefects in their then red jumpers and instantly knowing that’s what I wanted to do. I am grateful for what the school has given me in terms of helping me mature with my education and as a person. I feel as though I owe a great deal to the staff and pupils at DTW which is why being the Head Boy is going to help me do that massively. I have a lot of respect for what the school stands for and its ambitions which is why it is vital for me and my peers to help the school get to where it wants to be.

Head Girl, Jodie

Since joining Dean Trust Wigan in 2016, I have always admired the prefect team each year hoping I could achieve the role of being a prefect or Head Girl myself when I reached Year 11. With the support from my teachers I have been awarded the role of Head Girl and I hope to use skills I have developed through my 5 years at secondary school in this position. I am looking forward to spending my last year at Dean Trust Wigan as Head Girl to act as a role model to the younger pupils and encourage people to make the right choices in and out of the school. It is an honour to be elected as Head Girl.

Deputy Head Girl, Megan

From starting Dean Trust Wigan as a new pupil in May 2017, I have always admired the prefect team and aspired to become part of it myself. I have been supported by staff and my fellow companions throughout my time here and I look forward to also becoming a role model, as they were for me. Becoming Deputy Head Girl is an honour. I look forward to taking on this huge responsibility and continuing the work of the previous prefect teams and adding my own thoughts and opinions to my fellow team members.

Deputy Head Boy, Aiden

Life at Dean Trust Wigan is exceptional but as with everything it also comes with its challenges. The school wants to push you to do your best and provides you with opportunities to gain life skills and prepare you for your future. I have faced many struggles over my time here myself, but I have been guided and supported by the school staff to overcome these barriers. The thing I love most about school life is the community feel, which I really missed during Covid19 lockdown. I am currently studying History, iMedia, Art and French and I attend drama club after school too. I want to help other pupils get involved positively in school life and hope to make this school a better place.

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