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Prefect Team

Our Prefects are selected on the basis that they will be positive role models for the younger pupils. They are a highly visible presence within the school and are expected to perform many duties, such as lunchtime supervision. Prefects are selected for their personal qualities and skills such as respectability, communication and team working, and they play a large part in maintaining discipline around the school. In recognition of their status, prefects are entitled to wear a gold school tie. We also select a Head Boy and Head Girl, together with Deputies who are easily identified as they wear a maroon jumper.

Head Boy, Kian

In 2015 when I started high school, I received the support and help of the then prefect team in attempts to reduce anxiety and boost my confidence. Since then, it has been my dream to help and support others.

As my confidence and self esteem grew I successfully became Vice Hall Captain of Eliot Hall and through this role I encouraged and helped many  pupils. I am really grateful for the opportunity and am proud of achieving the position of Head Boy. I have been made to feel very welcome in the Prefect team.

I am excited for the year that is ahead and will commit to carrying out all my duties to the best of my ability.

Head Girl, Katie

It is an honour to have been elected for the role of Head Girl.

Before starting secondary school, sitting in my Year 6 classroom, I have always wanted to be a prefect, and more so a senior prefect. By building my confidence and commitment to school life throughout the years, I began to become more eager to achieve this position. I have endeavoured to achieve this role at Dean Trust Wigan as it will be a great experience for myself.

I am looking forward to being involved with school events alongside the rest of the prefect team. I can’t wait to take my journey further with the school and look forward to the year ahead.

Deputy Head Girl, Louise

Let me just start off by saying, time flies so fast. I know that teachers say it a lot – I never used to believe them but now, it seems like a few days have passed from buying my uniform in year 7 to becoming Deputy Head girl.

It is important for you to know that you can’t take your time here at this school for granted as it will teach you valuable life lessons that you need to be listening in for. My time at this school has been the most joyous; over the years, I have made terrific memories and have been able to share them with the best group of people.

Dean Trust Wigan has provided me with so many opportunities that will help me reach my goals for the future. It is sad to realise that I have only one more year until I leave school.

This school and all the staff and pupils inside have helped me to become the person I am today. I am so proud to be part of this fabulous school and I hope that you are too.

Deputy Head Boy, Dylan

Back when I joined this school in 2015 I never thought I would apply for one of the senior leadership roles. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given to make an impact for the better of this school.

I remember when our school joined The Dean Trust, I was a bit sceptical to say the least but it has really helped our school grow and improve. That is what I would like to do for this school as Deputy Head Boy. I would really like for this school to become the best it can be, that is why, this year we have the most prefects and year 7 mentors this school has seen. For our one year in these roles I would certainly say that all prefects and senior leadership team will definitely try and help this school for the best and make the new pupils feel welcome. I firmly believe that if your child wants to or is thinking about attending this school as an option they will be happy with their choice and will feel welcome. I can say for a fact this school has helped me achieve my goals and aspirations and has enabled me to make a choice in later life to be an engineer. I know what do to be able to get that job, as the school has taken pupils on trips that give us a wider knowledge of what jobs the world has to offer.

Deputy Head Boy, Jake

I am very happy to have been appointed Deputy Head Boy. Since I arrived here in September 2015, I have enjoyed getting to know new people and taking part in many different opportunities.

The prefect team has always been the most visible group of people in this school and I believe that with hard work and determination we can be the best prefect team yet. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team over the next year. As Deputy Head Boy, I am looking forward to getting to know more pupils, and taking part in many new opportunities that come my way. I hope I can be the best Deputy Head possible.

Deputy Head Girl, Faye

I am proud and excited to be part of this year’s senior prefect team, as from the moment I started at Dean Trust Wigan, I have been encouraged to believe that opportunities and challenges should be embraced.

The school has offered me a myriad of opportunities to develop my personal skills and passions : roles in productions, and performances, sports leader, developments and participation in school teams and involvement with local community events.

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