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Your School Nurse Service Drop In at Dean Trust Wigan

Keeping Healthy – Immunisations – Emotional Health

Weight Management – Sexual Health – Drugs and Alcohol – Smoking


When and where can I access my School Nurse Service?  

  • Day: Monday
  • Time: Lunchtime
  • Room: Engagement Centre (Accessed from the English Corridor)

Someone you know and can trust

You can access support from your School Nurse, Jan Fisher, both in and out of school.  She can provide, or help you find, the support you need.


We provide a confidential service. This means that we will not discuss your personal information with anyone else without your permission. This includes parents and teachers. We would only pass on your information in order to protect you or someone else from serious harm. Whenever possible we would discuss this with you first.


School Nurses or Specialist Community Public Health Nurses are qualified nurses or midwives with specific graduate level education, and work with a team to support you.


We are here to help, not to judge.

We can also make sure that young people with disabilities, long term illness, or other needs can receive extra support when they need it.  If we can’t provide the help ourselves, we will connect you with someone who can.

Twitter:  @_SchoolNursing


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