School Uniform

School Uniform Update:  Our uniform supplier AC Sports have informed us that all Dean Trust Wigan uniform items are available from their online shop –

Given the social distancing rules that will be in place they have advised that they will only be able to process a small amount of orders face to face in the summer so they are asking parents and carers to start their order process as early as possible. All uniform orders can be placed and secured with a small deposit

Along with the online shop AC Sports will be offering: Out of hours appointments (once the shop re-opens) Telephone orders (request a call back by email) Orders by email exchange

Parents of Year 6 pupils will be contacted in due course with details on uniform vouchers. We are also adding information to our transition page of the website on a daily basis.

Please note that the ONLY approved stockists for the branded pieces of DTW school uniform are AC SPORTS in Pemberton and SLATERS in Wigan. If uniform is purchased from an unapproved supplier and it does not fully comply with our uniform policy you may be asked to re-purchase the correct approved uniform.

Boys and girls compulsory uniform

  • Dean Trust Wigan school blazer with logo
  • White shirt (must have top button fastened)
  • School tie
  • Plain black shoes (trainers, boots and pumps are not permitted)

Boys only compulsory uniform

  • Dark grey trousers
  • Plain dark grey or black socks

Girls only compulsory uniform

  • Dark grey trousers, knee length dark grey pleated skirt or pleated pinafore
  • Dark grey plain long socks or tights

Boys and girls optional uniform

  • V neck Dean Trust Wigan school jumper with logo
  • Outside coats (must be plain black)

Dean Trust Wigan PE Kit

Boys and girls compulsory kit

  • Dean Trust Wigan school polo shirt with logo
  • Black PE shorts with logo
  • Plain black football socks
  • Trainers

Boys only compulsory kit

  • Dean Trust Wigan school rugby jersey with logo
  • Football boots

Girls only compulsory kit

  • Dean Trust Wigan long sleeve black top with logo

PE kit must be brought into school for every PE lesson, even if you are not participating. You will be able to fulfill other roles in the lesson.


Standards of Presentation


No jewellery is permitted at the school other than a watch. Pupils who wish to have their ears pierced should do so at the start of the 6-week summer holidays as they will be expected to remove piercings during the school day. Plasters to cover piercings will not be allowed.

Make Up

Some subtle make-up is permitted. Mascara and foundation that matches the pupil’s natural skin tone are permitted. Lipstick, eye shadow/ eye pencil and coloured nail polish are not permitted.


No extreme hairstyles are permitted these include tram lines, shaving and hair cut shorter than a number 2 cut. Long hair must be tied back in a ponytail.

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