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Please note that the ONLY approved stockists for the branded pieces of DTW school uniform are AC SPORTS in Pemberton and SLATERS in Wigan. If uniform is purchased from an unapproved supplier and it does not fully comply with our uniform policy you may be asked to re-purchase the correct approved uniform.

Boys and girls compulsory school uniform

  • Dean Trust Wigan school blazer with logo
  • White shirt (must have top button fastened)
  • School tie
  • Plain black shoes (trainers, boots and pumps are not permitted)

Boys only compulsory school uniform

  • Dark grey trousers
  • Plain dark grey or black socks

Girls only compulsory school uniform

  • Dark grey trousers, knee length dark grey pleated skirt or pleated pinafore
  • Dark grey plain long socks or tights

Boys and girls optional school uniform

  • V neck Dean Trust Wigan school jumper with logo
  • Outside coats (must be plain black)

Dean Trust Wigan PE Kit

Boys and girls compulsory PE kit

  • Dean Trust Wigan school polo shirt with logo
  • Black PE shorts with logo
  • Plain black football socks
  • Trainers

Boys only compulsory PE kit

  • Dean Trust Wigan school rugby jersey with logo
  • Football boots

Girls only compulsory PE kit

  • Dean Trust Wigan long sleeve black top with logo

Boys and Girls optional  PE kit

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms/leggings (very small logo is allowed)

PE kit must be brought into school for every PE lesson, even if you are not participating. You will be able to fulfill other roles in the lesson.



Standards of Presentation

Hair/Headwear : No extreme haircuts (full head shave, tram lines etc). Only natural colours/tones are acceptable. Hair should be no shorter than a No.2 on the sides and a No.3 on top. Hair accessories should be small in size and in the school colours. No baseball caps. Hair longer than shoulder length must be kept tied up at all times. Boys must be ‘clean shaven’. Items with glitter, flowers, slogans etc. are not acceptable. 

Make Up : Make up is not permitted. False tan, false eyelashes and acrylic/painted nails are also not permitted. 

Jewellery : Pupils are not to wear jewellery of any kind other than a standard watch.  No piercings of any kind. Any jewellery will be placed in an envelope on entry into school.


Travel Pupils should travel to and from school in full school uniform and as pupils are therefore representing the school they should behave in a respectful and courteous way

Healthy schools Only water can be consumed in the classroom (750ml or less). Milk or water may be purchased at break or lunch time. No family size/sharing bags or sweets, chocolates or crisp etc are allowed.

Environment Keep our school tidy, do not drop litter. No chewing gum.

Mobile phones and electronic devices NO mobile phones or electronic devices should be brought into school (this includes smart watches)

Banned items Banned items are any items which may cause damage to other pupils and or the school environment e.g. aerosols, cigarettes, marker pens, chewing gum, E-cigarettes, lighters, weapons etc


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