We are delighted that your son/daughter will be joining Dean Trust Wigan and very much look forward to working with you and your son/daughter in September. We hope that your family is keeping safe and well during this challenging time.

In the coming weeks key information will be posted here to keep you up to date with transition details.

If you have any queries please email: transition@deantrustwigan.co.uk or phone: 01942 511987

PLEASE NOTE: Pupils who do not receive Free School Meals will be expected to bring a drink/snack for break and a packed lunch as no food service will be available for purchase in half term 1. Pupils entitled to Free School Meals will receive a packed lunch totalling their FSM allowance so you may wish to provide them with a drink/snack for breaktime.


Before your child starts Dean Trust Wigan it is important the forms below are completed and returned to school.

Frequently asked questions

How will we purchase school uniform?

Uniform vouchers have been posted out to all parents and carers of Year 6 pupils which will entitle them to FREE branded items of Dean Trust Wigan uniform. This includes a blazer and tie and some items of PE kit. The PE kit that will be provided free of charge includes a polo shirt, shorts and a long-sleeved top (rugby shirt for boys and black long-sleeved top for girls).

To redeem the uniform voucher, simply present it at AC Sports, Pemberton. You will be able to try the uniform on for size and place your order at no cost to yourself. AC Sports have advised that they are now back open. They are able to have customers in their shop either by appointment or up to 2 customers at once during normal hours. It would be a good idea to arrange your child’s uniform as soon as possible to avoid any queues later in the summer.

AC Sports are adhering to all social distancing rules so can offer a safe shopping experience. They are also offering out of hours appointments where they will only have one customer in store at a time (ideal for those with more than one child) as well as their online shop www.acsports.co.uk/shop

All uniform orders can be placed and secured with a small deposit. Parents can also place telephone orders (request a call back by email) Orders by email exchange info@acsports.co.uk

How many pupils are there in year 7?

There are around 200 pupils in year 7, you will be in a form group with around 25 pupils.

How big are classes?

Class sizes can vary, at the most you will be in a class of 28 pupils

How will I be put into teaching groups?

You will be in classes with your form at first, this will give us a chance to get to know you before you are put into sets for different subjects.

What languages will I study?

At Dean Trust Wigan you will study French, you will learn how to hold conversations and all about French culture.

How many lessons will I have in a day?

You will have 6 lessons, each lesson is 50 minutes long.

Will I be with my friends?

We’ve asked your Year 6 teacher about your friendship groups but can reassure you that you’ll make lots of new friends at Dean Trust Wigan.

How will I find my way around?

Your Form Tutor will give you a timetable and map of the school on your first day, we will also have older pupils attached to your form to help you get to know the school site. By the end of the first week you’ll find that you’ll have gotten to know the school very well. If you get lost there are always plenty of other pupils or staff you can ask for help.

Will I have a locker?

You can have a locker and this will be organised during your first week at school should you want one.

What extra-curricular activities are available to me?

There is a range of activities from Cookery Club to Rugby. We try to offer what ever there is a demand for so bring along your ideas.

Can I bring my own lunch?

Yes you can, there are lots of places to eat your packed lunch

Where do I go at break-time and lunch?

There are designated areas for Key Stage Three (Years 7,8 & 9) both inside and outside. Key Stage Four (Years 10&11) have different areas to spend their break and lunch times.



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