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Dear Pupils and Families,

Our vision is to provide a school that the community is proud of.  That is what parents/carers, quite rightly, expect. Our common purpose is dedicated to help children develop into confident, successful and responsible adults who are able to play an active part in society, regardless of their background or prior achievement.  To do this we strive to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential and is empowered to be employable in the future through a variety of routes including university, training or apprenticeships.

We always place children at the heart of our planning and we pride ourselves on the relationships our staff have with our students, caring for them throughout their education.  All of our work is founded on simple principles and a no-nonsense approach towards education, with respect at the heart of our work.  To achieve this we strive to employ, retain and develop the best possible staff who also believe that every pupil can do their best given a chance and encouragement.  In addition, we also strive to deliver a first-class education based on high quality teaching, support and experiences outside of the classroom.  At the Dean Trust we believe that success should be measured both by academic progress and achievement, and also by one’s personal and social development and contribution to our community and to society.  We also work closely with families to ensure that all our pupils are committed to learning and develop the character necessary to take advantage of all the opportunities we provide.

Choosing a secondary school is a challenging decision to make.  Given the current pandemic we are unable to offer you the traditional face to face open evening but have worked hard to produce a number of short films and documents to support your decision making progress. If any parent would like to call us to speak with a senior member of staff about our school, do not hesitate to email to make an appointment.

We hope you enjoy our virtual open evening for 2020.

Yours sincerely,

Mr James Haseldine

Executive Headteacher

To apply for a place in any Wigan Secondary School, follow this link. To view the formal details about all Wigan secondary schools, click here.

Come along to our Open Evening, 16th September 2021 – click here for more details

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