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Mellors Catering Services

We are very proud to be the contract caterer at Dean Trust Wigan.  Mellors Catering Services are an established, family-run business that has been catering successfully for Primary, Secondary School and Further Education sectors across the North of England since 1995.

We strongly believe that healthy eating and good hydration will improve pupil performance and concentration and we pride ourselves on using locally sourced seasonal produce to provide the best quality food for your child.

Balanced Approach

Weekly menus provided by Mellors Catering Services have been planned to offer choice and variety for your child that doesn’t cost the earth. We provide hot wholesome meals daily, fresh vegetables or salad, a vegetarian choice, hot and cold desserts, snacks and sandwiches, juices and drinks.
We also provide exciting high street food concepts and promote a range of popular Meal Deals.  Sampling sessions are also held throughout the year to encourage pupils to try a variety of new foods.

School Food Standard

Mellors Catering Services is very proud to exceed School Food Standards, meaning we provide a balanced diet with the essential nutrients your child needs.  Menus developed by Mellors Catering Services ensure your child is given the healthiest choices that provide them with at least two of the recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg.

Dining Room Prices and Menus

Special Dietary Information

Please contact the on-site catering manager if there are any specific dietary requirements we need to be aware of. This could include salt/sugar/fat content, level of dairy products or allergy information such as wheat, yeast, nuts, etc. However there is a direct link on our website to our Company Nutritionist, Danielle Bretherton who can answer any specific questions you may have.


Special diets are a very important part of our catering provision in schools. Allergen procedures are essential to ensure that the needs of individual pupils can be met safely. To ensure we offer the best possible service to our pupils and families, Mellors Catering Services have individual care plans in place for all pupils who have an allergy or intolerance.

In an education unit particularly, with pupils being classed in the ‘vulnerable’ category (under 18 years old), it is essential that we meet with parents/guardians. This ensures that there is a variety of meals available throughout the week and that individual nutritional needs are met.

Our education units have a captive audience of customers. With that in mind, we support their needs by working with our supply chain to offer allergen free foods to coincide with the daily menu/offer. We fully support pupils with special dietary needs and we make a commitment to do this for the lifetime of their education with us.
In line with the food information regulations for allergens and food labelling that came into effect on 13th December 2014, all of our dining rooms display an allergen notification for our customers. Our recipe packs also contain a
breakdown of ingredients inclusive of the food allergens they contain.

Free School Meals

Can my child get free school meals or pupil premium?

You should claim your Free School meals from the local authority in which you live and not from the local authority in which the school is based.

  • Free school meals – Save your household up to £418 a year per child.
  • Pupil premium – Get £1300 for your child’s school to improve education.

Click here to visit the Wigan Council website for further information.

Cashless Catering – My Child At School

Dean Trust Wigan is a CASHLESS School, please do not send pupils to school with any money. 

Dean Trust Wigan operates a cashless catering system. This means that no money is exchanged at the point of sale. Instead, parents and carers ‘top-up’ their child’s account using their payment account.  School meals are then paid for by pupils’ scanning their finger/thumb at the till.


We are continuously working to provide the variety of food your child wants to see. The friendly on-site catering team welcome any suggestions you or your child may have regarding menu choices.  Please visit our website homepage to complete our feedback survey.

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