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Key Dates for the 2018/19 Academic Year

Open Evening : Wednesday 26th September 2018

Year 10/11 Futures Fair : Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Year 10 Parent/Carer Evening : Wednesday 5th December 2018

Year 11 Parent/Carer Evening : Thursday 24th January 2019

Year 9 Parent/Carer Evening ~ Options Evening : Wednesday 6th February 2019

Year 8 Parent/Carer Evening : Wednesday 13th March 2019

Year 7 Parent/Carer Evening : Tuesday 19th March 2019

Year 6 Transition Evening : Monday 8th July 2019

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Timings - The School Day

Punctuality and Attendance

Pupils should make sure they arrive on time for school. Please arrive for school no later than 8.20am.

The first bell will ring at 8.25am this signals that you should make your way to your form room.

If you are not in form when the second bell goes at 8.30am you will be classed as being late.

If you are late:

Pupils arriving between 8.30am and 9.00am should report to the member of staff in reception who is recording late arrivals.

Pupils arriving after 9.00am should also report to the attendance office to sign in (located next to reception).

Any pupil who is late in the morning will be asked to complete a lunchtime detention.

Pupils who are late persistently will be interviewed by their Head of Year to try to find solutions to the problem.

If you are absent:

Your parent or carer must contact the attendance officer by phone before 9.00am that day stating the reason for your absence.

Telephone: 01942 776190

You should bring a note from your parent/carer explaining your absence when you return.

Pupils with attendance of 95% or less will have to provide medical evidence to support absences before they will be authorised.

For more information about attendance please click here.

Dean Trust Wigan Open Evening

Come and join us

Wednesday 25th September 2019

6.30pm – 8.30pm

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